450X by castle
Remarkable capabilities
Our robotic mowers manage large and multiple areas, complex lawn designs and obstacles, steeps up to 70% and wet grass. Ideal for parks, pitches, golf courses, around facilities, to name a few.
Make every work day better
Increase your productivity, free up hours for more qualified work, get better quality of grass, reduce your carbon footprint and decrease noise emissions on every job.
Automower 550 EPOS
Global leader in robotic mowing
Since 1995 Husqvarna’s robotic technology development has delivered a fleet of highly efficient robotic mowers with excellent results across the globe.


自 1995 年以来一直处于领先地位

二十多年来,我们一直在推动机器人割草技术的发展。这让我们积累了独特的知识和经验,并建立了一支高效、专业的机队。无论您选择在何处使用 Automower® 割草机器人,您都将获得出色的割草结果。它们整日不知疲倦地生产出完美修剪的草坪。以下五个主要原因造就了 Automower® 割草机器人从第一天上市开始到未来许多年都将成为市政、设施、体育俱乐部、庭院设计师和其他企业的明智投资。

采用 Husqvarna 富世华 EPOS 技术,灵活性达到了新的水平

到目前为止,Husqvarna 富世华 Automower® 割草机器人的优势已众所周知。现在,借助 Husqvarna 富世华的 EPOS 技术,草坪养护变得更加容易。

借助 EPOS 技术,不仅可以实现边界线虚拟化(这意味着减少麻烦,提高通用性),还可以在设定割草机器人程序时获得无与伦比的可能性。您可以使用不同的设置定义多个工作区域,并设置临时避让区域。


Remote control and management

When investing in our professional robotic mowers, you also get access to Husqvarna Fleet Services™. A digital, easy-to-use tool for managing and controlling your robotic mowers.

  • Keep track of the exact location of the mowers
  • Review daily performance data to gain insights
  • Receive notifications if something doesn’t work
  • Set boundaries, stay-out zones and more