LF 50 L

Landscaping projects to last - with compaction equipment from Husqvarna

The stars of every green space are its plants. Yet, pathways, paved islands, canals and other landscape elements often complete the picture. For the professional execution of these soil works, rely on the premium equipment and expertise of Husqvarna.

LT 6005

Tampers with high impact force

Clay and silt are the toughest soils mother nature has to offer. To compact them you need high impact force and speed – and that’s what the Husqvarna tampers deliver.

Husqvarna LT tampers are ideal for trench and sewage systems, gardening and landscaping, compaction on backfill, foundations, patching and repairs. And despite their low weight, they still deliver the deep compaction you need thanks to a combination of high centrifugal force and speed. They are easy to transport with rollers on the steering bar and lifting handle on the foot. The optional transport wheels make transportation even easier and also prevent excessive wear to the shock absorbers.

LF 80 L

Fast-operating forward plate compactors

Our forward plate compactors all have one thing in common – they keep you going without interruption. These machines are specialised in granular soil and have been designed for compacting thin to medium layers. Silt and gravel require good climbing capacity, high centrifugal forces and high speeds. Husqvarna LF 80 is fast and it belongs to the most powerful machines on the market weighing less than 100 kg.

All LF compactors are factory prepared for mounting a block paving kit to protect paving blocks from cracking. The patented low vibration handle is standard, and designed to minimise strain on your hands and arms as well as contribute to a safer, more productive and enjoyable workday.