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Offer: Husqvarna Care™ warranty extension as a bonus

Get Warranty Plus as a bonus for Automower® if you purchase yearly winter service from your local dealer!

This warranty extension gives you a total of up to 5 years’ warranty from the date the mower was purchased, rather than the standard 2 years’ warranty. The offer is valid October - December 2021, for any Automower® model purchased from 2019 onwards for consumers.

Giving Automower® a winter service will keep it cutting like new. Your authorised dealer will give the mower a thorough clean and diagnostic check, along with software updates and replacement parts when required.

Frequently Asked Questions

Warranty Plus is an extended warranty, granting Automower® three additional years of warranty in addition to the two years factory warranty that comes with it. This means a total of 5 years warranty from the date it was purchased.

Any consumer who bought Automower® during 2019, 2020 or 2021 can take part of this time limited offer during October-December, 2021.

Yes, Automower® needs to be serviced yearly from when the warranty extension is signed at an authorised dealer (at the customers own expense) for the warranty extension to be valid.

Yes, the winter service is paid by the customer and the price differs from dealer to dealer.

You need to bring Automower® for yearly service from the time the warranty extension was signed. You can bring it to any authorised Husqvarna dealer until 1st March 2022.

You can sign up online by clicking this link or at your local dealer. Please note that the warranty extension is first activated when you have brought it to winter service (1st March 2022 at the latest). 

On Automower® you can see the PNC and serial number under the lid that opens when pushing Stop button.

Please also check your spam e-mail for the verification e-mail.

You can read the Terms and Conditions here.

You can find you nearest dealer with our Dealer locator.

No, there is no need to bring the charging station.

Yes, the campaign is valid also for products bought during the campaign period but please note you still need to bring it in for winter service.

Unfortunately, not, we have a two weeks cancellation policy.

Yes, you should bring it in for winter service before 1st March 2022.