Highlights from Living City, March 23, 2021

We logged in. We listened. We learned. Another Living City is over, and we thank the professionals, experts and enthusiasts who came together online to share their knowledge and insights. The exciting and groundbreaking developments that are changing the game within turf care management in sports and golf were in the spotlight. Below are the key highlights from another fascinating and successful Living City event.

How could data collection improve turf quality?

GreenSight is a US company specializing in data gathering related to turf quality on golf courses and sports pitches. Stephen Ohlson, Vice President, Product Development at Green Sight shared some interesting examples of how their services can contribute to improved quality, reduced costs and better sustainablility.

RoboGolf Research: impact on quality of turf by the use of Husqvarna Automower®

Karin Juul Hesselsøe from NIBIO research Centre in Norway told us about a research project she is leading related to the impact of Husqvarna Automower on the turf quality of golf course fairways. Karin's presentation covered the project's scope and set up, as well as initial insights into the findings.

New innovative partnerships within sport field maintenance

GML Sport AB focuses on the maintenance of green sports surfaces. Kristoffer Palmlund from the Swedish company joined us to talk about the challenges they face in the industry, and how these are being reduced by Husqvarna's robotic mowing services, a new business model and innovative partnerships.

More news on CEORA

We also revealed further exciting details about CEORA, Husqvarna's next generation in large-scale robotic mowing.

Panel discussion with Stephen Ohlson, Karin Juul Hesseløe & Kristoffer Palmlund

Following their individual presentations, our three guests took part in a panel discussion about the turf management industry within sports and golf, and answered some questions from participants.

Living City 2020

Nature inclusive design & sustainable building in urban areas

How do we create and design truly sustainable, green cities of the future? Winy Maas, architect, urban planner and landscape designer of MVRD in the Netherlands, shares some of his work as well as his visions on future development of our collective urban environments.

HUGSI 2.0 – Quantifying the greenness of global cities

How green are our world’s cities? The answer to this vital query can be found with the help of HUGSI – Husqvarna Urban Green Space Index, collecting information and analyzing data from 155 cities in 60 different countries. Erik Swan, Digital Ecosystem Strategist, walks us through the data and points out the many benefits that can be gained – for operators, business owners and entire cities – from the insights.

Data collection and sustainable green space management

Since 2008, AGZA – The American Green Zone Alliance – has worked relentlessly to improve the management of American green spaces. Founder and CEO Dan Mabe invites us into the world of AGZA and explains how they work – through education and certification programs – to enable and empower greenspace managers to create quieter, more sustainable low impact zones.

The carbon footprint in green space management

To manage the transition from fossil fuel to sustainable alternatives, an organization or a city management needs to commit to change. And to do so, there´s a need for a comprehensive strategy with concrete milestones that can be executed by each organization or city administration. Jonas Willaredt, Head of Environment & Sustainability at Husqvarna walks us thorough some of the landmark innovations and services that Husqvarna offers to the market to reduce carbon footprints and increase the overall environment in our urban spaces.

Husqvarna CEORA

Husqvarna continues on the set path of improving greenspace management through groundbreaking innovations. Olle Markusson, Director of Product Management Robotics, shares a first look at the latest product innovation aimed at simplifying the world of green area management.

Sustainable Turf Care as a Service

New times and new demands require new business models. Eric Tinga, Global Director Customer Experience & Marketing, introduces Turf Care as a Service, an impressive circular economy shortcut to increasing lawncare efficiency. By employing Husqvarna’s robotic service solutions and automation, work resources can be optimized. The operation’s carbon footprint can be minimized via the significant reduction in noise and emissions, with safe operations for all concerned.

Where do we go from here?

There are many ways to advance the industry of greenspace management. Husqvarna’s Living City has touched upon just a few of the paths ahead, but of course there’s much more to discuss and consider. In this panel discussion, the speakers answered questions and elaborated on their ideas and the future of landscaping.