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Things to consider when you buy a new grass trimmer

Looking to trim the lawn edges of your garden? Here are a few things to keep in mind before you buy a grass trimmer. There are two major types of trimmer, curved and straight shaft and many kinds of accessories that can turn your grass trimmer into a versatile and helpful gardening tool.

Going for a curved or straight shaft?

A grass trimmer is used to trim lawn edges where a mower can’t reach. A trimmer with a curved shaft is often used for easy trimming around lawns and flowerbeds. Machines with straight shafts and bevel gears are designed for more demanding jobs and they make it easier to reach under hedges, bushes and similar places.

Get the right accessories

The straight-shaft grass trimmers can have a J handle as an accessory, which prevents the user from getting too close to the cutting equipment. When cutting with a grass blade, a J handle should always be attached.

If you want a trimmer to master even more garden tasks you should consider a combi trimmer with detachable shaft. Besides being easy to store they truly are multi-purpose machines that can be fitted with several attachments such as hedge trimmer, blower, edger, pole saw and sweeper.

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Battery grass trimmers

Modern battery grass trimmers are strong, remarkably silent and nearly vibration-free. All Husqvarna products use the same type of charger and charging a 4.2 Ah battery takes 30-50 minutes. Some extra batteries or a backpack battery allows you to work a full day. Battery products are perfect for indoor jobs or when you are working in public and noise-sensitive areas, such as near hospitals, malls, care homes, schools and city parks.

Things to consider when buying a grass trimmer

  1. Make sure the trimmer is high powered and has rapid acceleration for maximum efficiency. A grass trimmer with low power will get tangled and break the line more often.
  2. Comfortable handles are important since they make gardening a more pleasant experience and prevent injuries and overexertion
  3. The engine should be easy to start and stop
  4. To save your back and make gardening easier your grass trimmer should be as light as possible for the task at hand